Review of Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 21

Batman Beyond 2.0

BBU #21 Cover

Continuing the epic animated universe crossover. Bat Beyond 2.0 Chapter 21 continues where Chapter 20 left off. Yet this issue changes the game forever inside the DCAU! This will be a slightly SPOILER FILLED  Review! 

BBU #21 Title Page

Justice Lords Beyond Another World “Sacrifice” Part 5 of 8

After reading this issue my first reaction was “HOW DARE YOU KYLE HIGGINS…. HOW DARE YOU!!!??” Higgins basically rips my heart out and throws it on the floor with the ending of this issue. You’ll have to take my word for it and read the issue yourself.



I couldn’t be more intrigued with this title than right now. So far in Higgins’ run the Bat Beyond Universe has expanded so much, but with this story arc, and what happens in this issue…. I have no idea where the story will go from here! That is both a good and a bad thing. I have so many questions!!!!!! That I need answers now!!!!! We only have three more chapters in this arc for Kyle to give me the answers I am wanting!!! That being said this was very much an action packed issue. It’s LORD SUPERMAN Vs LORD BATMAN BEYOND!!! Kyle writes the dialogue between them so well. I swear I can hear George Newbern and Will Friedle in my head as I read these lines!!


Outside of NEEDING ANSWES…. the back and forth between Batman and Superman here is amazing. They each throw stuff at each other…. that you wouldn’t expect as far as the dialogue is concerned. Kyle crafts the story very well. I love how Lord Superman basically calls Grayson a slacker and a wimp without really saying it. I also love how the Justice Lords timeline Dick Grayson shows he’s unsure of Lord Superman’s ways.



First off lets talk about the cover shall we? Trevor McCarthy is an awesome cover artist, and he puts such a great metallic look to the Lord Batman Beyond suit. I freakin’ love it. Then there is Thony Silas’s art and Emilio Lopez’s colors. They both excel; at bringing the DC Animated Universe new life within these comics. The design on Lord Superman’s costume is the same but slightly different from the Justice Lords two part episode. What I really enjoy with this art is how they can use the animated designs, but give them slightly more definition in the comic. There are times when Lord Superman’s costume looks metallic in the issue, and I like that very much.


Final Thoughts/Rating:

MAN THESE ISSUES NEED TO COME FASTER!!!! I’m loving every aspect of both Bat and JL Beyond 2.0!!!! I hate this waiting around stuff!!!! THE GOOD THING IS THAT…. I read an interview where Kyle Higgins said that they plan to take Bat Beyond Weekly. That’s great!! However I hope that doesn’t mean it could end ???…..Once again this team continues to be perfect in this series. You should  go get BATMAN BEYOND 2.0 Chapter 21. This is the eighth overall chapter of the JUSTICE LORDS OF GOTHAM crossover! All within the Batman Beyond Universe, and you won’t wanna miss a second of it! You can find it on the DC Comics App or Comixology or wherever you get your digital comics. Batman Beyond 2.0 continues to go beyond all expectations!


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