Diablo III: Worth the Wait?

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So While I realize that the game has only been out for, oh about 24 hours to the hour now, we have issues already. Diablo III was the most anticipated game from Blizzard in the last 12 years. Actually since WoW became lackluster, but I digress. Diablo II was made of a great deal of greatness which allows for continuous game play even to today’s standards. Now 12 years later comes Diablo III. While I will save my actual review and story plot for the XRG Podcast, I will talk about it’s EPIC FAILS.


Now to sum up all the various articles popping up all over, Diablo III has created it’s own fails by trying to combat piracy. Blizzard has made this much like StarCraft 2 and WoW in the way we have to login to to get into the game. Now I don’t have an issue with that but the implementation of it.

My thoughts and others I follow stating the following:

“I HATE having to be forced to play a game online. If this were a pay to play I wouldn’t have bought the game. #Diablo3”

“@SCP21 @BlizzardCS Steven´s idea is actually quite good. How about i keep playing alone, and D3 saves to disk. On reconnection update…

“Maybe #Blizzard should have just required a connection to START the game, or you know, not at all. #Diablo3”

So what brings me to this is the Server CANNOT handle game play displaying the following errors while trying to Authenticate.

So again I ask, why not Offline? Is it that hard to do? I think not. To not reiterate other sites, I am going to cross link some articles they posted on the issue to read for yourselves. | Article on Diablo III Forums | Reddit | | And the best being Kotaku

Now mind you I do LOVE this game. I just wish there was an Offline working copy for this type of instance. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I was sort of expecting an “initial thoughts” review here. I’m actually waiting to buy the game until the inevitable bugs are worked out. I’ve read that the servers are already overloaded, so that’s another reason to not want to play online (or buy the game right away). I’m very interested, but I might play through Dead Space 2 one more time before getting Diablo 3.

    1. I was ranting mostly but I plan to follow this up with a written review discussing more detail once I can play more. Plus I am planning a Diablo Series – XRG podcast episode in the near future so again will give it more a fair review once that happens. I was just letting off steam and common interest on this single issue with the game. Other than this issue I LOVE this game.

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