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Altered Geek UnPlugged – Bat Embargo, Trek 3 and Wars



The guys return to finish Episode 01’s discussion, however now adding in new speculation. The Bat Embargo begins so don’t worry, we’re done with the Batman vs Superman talk for a while. We also discuss movie writers, Star Trek (1)3, Transformers and Star Wars. All geekiness thoughts rolled in under an hour. So get Unplugged from the web and get Altered with the Altered Geeks.



Steve “Megatron” Phillips

Mike “Boothninja” Powers


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Steve "Megatron"

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  1. Your comments about the Days of Future Past comic book are mind boggling to me. Yes its only two issues, because it came out in a time when they didn’t bother with this garbage of multi-issues huge events that are more concerned about selling books then telling good stories. You talk how you’d want to see TV with 12 episodes over 24 episodes, that’s the same thing with Days of Future Past. IF you don’t like Chris Claremont’s work then you don’t like X-Men. Without him X-Men is not what it is by any means. Yes he hasn’t done anything good since the late 80’s , but his run on X-Men in his prime is one of the greatest runs of all time.

    My question for you is what X-Men writers do you like Scott Lodbell or Chuck Austen? Or what about Claremont’s good work do you not like? Not trying to poo poo your opinion. I’m try to figure out where you are coming from.

    Also no love for my Wonder Woman or Batman Suggestions? I didn’t tweet them cause I avoid social media.Comments not good enough? I kid, I kid.

    1. Much apologies for not catching your Batman and Wonder Woman suggestions.

      I don’t think Claremont is bad, I’m aware of what he has done for the
      larger X-Men universe and the characters he has created. I’m just not
      a fan of his style I suppose? Also, and I know Days of Future Past was
      published in the 80’s, I have no love for the art in that era and that
      didn’t help things at all. Felt too much like reading a Sunday Comic strip. Not a bad thing if its Calvin and Hobbes:)

      I know story telling in comics is different these days as compared to
      what they were back then, I just prefer the larger stories. I like
      seeing multiple angles of an event. I really enjoyed
      Fatal Attractions, Age of Apocalypse and more recently Messiah Complex and Necronosha(?).

      My first encounter with the Marvel characters wasn’t with comics, it was with the various collectible cards from ’91-’96, the fleer ultra cards. That’s where I learned about a lot of the marvel universe, was reading those cards. My first complete set of comics was the Fatal Attractions event in ’94(?) and I didn’t seriously start collecting or reading comics until around 2004. I have gone back on occasion, in a Barnes and Noble and read certain graphic novels to brush up on older events mentioned in the newer books. I had only ever heard of the events in Days of Future Past in passing, in the trading cards and saw them unfold in the ’90’s animated series.

      There is no denying the effect that the Days of Future Past story had on the X-Men universe, it opened up room to tell more stories, add new characters. It had a profound effect. I just thought it was full scale X-Event like the above mentioned events. I am sure Executioners Song, Xtinction Agenda and the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix sagas are just as short, but have had profound impact on the Marvel universe.

      As for who my favorite writers are? It’s mostly the current guys and I’ll probably get laughed off the GeekCast Radio site, lol. Craig Kyle and Chris Yost are among my favorites because I really dig X23. I also like Peter David for his run on the X-Factor that started with Decimation. I also like Bendis and Millars writing in Marvels Ultimate books. As I stated, I really only go back and read the older stories when it is referenced in the newer stories so I am not as familiar with the older writers as I probably should be.

      Bottomline, while I don’t have a ton of history with the older X-Men comics I suppose I could show them a little more respect as I do enjoy the X universe as it is now, well maybe not right now, haven’t read a lot of the new new stuff. And of course, my opinions are my own and I am sure having read the newer stuff and going back to read the older stuff doesn’t help that much. I don’t have the nostalgia for the old geek stuff as much as most geeks do.

      Hopefully this answers some of your question. I am sure we will hit on comics some more in AGU and we will keep a look out for your comments! Again, sorry we didn’t catch them. We will do better.

      1. Wow…lot to take in there I can see not liking the old style art. I’m not a fan of older movies for similar movies. You might like Executioner’s song actually. That is one of the more expansive stories. It took part in all the Xbooks at the time. X-Men, X-Force, X-factor, and I think Uncanny. I’m not a huge fan because I’m never enjoyed Cable as a character and he is the central character.

        I would like to see you guys talk about comics more. I see you have the pull bag but that doesn’t cover anything I read. .Pater David on X-Factor was pretty awesome. No laughing there.

        Also no worries about the comment. Just getting on your case a little bit. My suggestions are not all that great anyways. I agree an unknown may be the best way to go with Wonder Woman. Still think Ham would be an awesome older Batman.

        1. The Pull Bag and it’s content is up to TFG1Mike. If it’s more Marvel you’re looking for I hear there are plans in the works to cover them. I’m a Marvel guy myself, not big on DC comics, not sure why.

          I’m sure future AGU’s will have little comic nuggets, but nothing super in depth. Keep listening though! You never know:)

        2. Sorry that TPB is not covering what you read. The only main Marvel ongoing I read is Superior Spider-Man, but as MC Powers said, there are plans in the future to do many Marvel titles from the past.

          We are planning an entire month of Punisher Coverage, I can safely say there’ll be X-Men coverage eventually, shoot me an email if you wanna share what you read…. tfg1mike at gmail …. I’m more of a DC/IDW guy myself.

          Not to dissuade you from listening to TPB, but I’m sure if Marvel is what you are looking for there are great comics’ casts that just do Marvel.

          Thanks for the feedback!

          1. Yeah it’s just moreso what the hosts personally collect or own. I again am not a Marvel collector. I like DC Comics, but I do love some Marvel properties.

    2. Follow up, I am reading eXiles which is written in parts by Chuck Austen. I’m enjoying his stuff, in eXiles, so far.

      1. I just started reading the first Exiles with Blink and a few other characters. Does the new one tie into that at all?

        1. I’ve read and have the kids compilation of the ‘Days of Futures Past’ comic. It was good and I liked it a lot. I am not a huge Marvel comics fan though so I don’t have much knowledge beyond the films. I know some of their histories and details but not a thing for me. I am more a Batman / DC Comics fan.

        2. I’m slowly making my way through all of Exiles. I’m just past issue 50 of the first series. It looks like there’s 3 series of it, I am not sure how connected they are. I am reading them all though so I’ll get back with ya.

  2. For second episode things are going smoothly. If you are looking for questions to answer how about who would you want to direct Star Trek 3 with Abrams out? Also want new Fall TV shows are you looking forward to. For me the only one that looks good at all is SHIELD.

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