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AGU-PODWARNING, this episode may offend you in some of the conversation but please don’t be, it’s constructive criticisms explained. Steve and TFG1 Mike join back up to discuss comics, some minimal Diablo III, neighbors, tv, and films. We also discuss the Death of Saturday morning Cartoons, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Cartoon Network and Transformers RiD 2. All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.





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(NEW) Question of the Night:

  1. What’s your thoughts on the Netflix exclusive films over having them in the theater? Do you think it will eventually kill the theater format?


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  1. Man it is sad that Saturday Morning cartoons are off of Broadcast TV. I little piece of my inner child shriveled up and died. Kids today have no idea what they will be missing.

    1. Yea I get why people our age shed a small tear with the announcement
      of Saturday morning cartoons are off broadcast TV, but you know who does not
      care? The kids that cartoons are aimed out. And kids today have things a
      trillion times better than we did. First broadcast TV doesn’t mean anything anymore.
      Cable channels are getting the same ratings and sometimes bigger than broadcast
      TV. So now kids just have a trillion
      channels that are just dedicated to programing for them. On-demand and
      streaming make everything available at your fingertips. The idea of certain
      times being dedicated to certain programing is a way of the past. Now it’s get
      what you want when you want it. Try to explain what watching cartoons was like
      when we were kids to a kid of today. They think you were crazy. You might as
      well be telling them you rode a horse to school. The way we have consumed media
      has changed forever, and will only change more in the coming years. I was more
      surprised there were still cartoons on broadcast television actually. I thought
      they stopped years ago.

      1. Wow man, lol, I think you nailed this one right on the head. I get exactly what you’re getting at. The only thing is if such instances like my case, I cannot afford the higher cable, don’t have netflix anymore and so channels beyond 19 are out of the question. So in my family we watch a sequence of classic animation from Flintstones to the modern 2012 TMNT on DVD among our plethora of films we own.

        So in some instances I get it but for those that cannot afford the luxuries of the excess channels or streaming sources, then it makes it more difficult to find programming for children. I was watching while they still had Vortex with my son on Saturday mornings with the likes of Spiderman, Nuts and Bolts and Justice League.

        It’s sad but I don’t blame the networks for doing what they did. TV nowadays is a difficult task to keep people watching. Now there is DVR, streaming sources, internet and downloads that contribute to less right now viewers.

        1. Yea I could understand the money thing. It’s the same way with sports. Now more and more sports and even playoffs are on paid cable networks. I remember when that was never the case.

      2. for me it has nothing to do with not having SAT AM cartoons just on broadcast TV… but the whole phenomenon of it. It isn’t the same as we were kids, and kids today can get them anywhere…. times have changed I get that. However having access all the time takes away how special saturday morning cartoons were.

        1. Yea there is something special about Saturday Morning cartoon shows I don’t doubt that. I see this though as another case of our generation unable to let our childhoods go. We think just because something existed when we were kids it has to exist like that forever. I remember when my grandparents would tell me about the glory days of radio and how we kids today were missing out. I thought they were crazy of course, and now we have become that. We think kids are missing out but in reality they really aren’t. It is just a different world and we have to accept it.

    2. I know, it’s a terrible thought they won’t have the same type of mornings I did as a kid. I fortunately have been building an archive of the cartoons I watched as a kid so when my son gets a little older he can watch them all.

    3. Yea there is something unique about a Saturday Morning lineup. It was like an event every Saturday. The commercials the things they would do in-between cartoons. Man some awesome memories.

  2. Also just an FYI Sales Tax has nothing to do with Congress. Amazon collecting Sales Tax is determine by your state not the Federal Government.

  3. So with Adam Sandler doing the Netflix deal does that mean his Happy Madison movies won’t be in the theater anymore? Cause if so I’m all for it. I will get extra subscriptions just to make that happen.

    1. No this is a separate deal. C’mon he’s not that bad. I see more unintelligent films that his hit. Granted I don’t enjoy ALL of his films beyond the first viewing but there are good ones. He’ll still have other films in theaters. Just four will be Netflix exclusive deals.

      1. I would say he is that bad. And I used to love him. The last time he did an interesting movie was Funny People, because at least he showed some range and was willing to satirize himself. After Punch-Drunk Love I had hope for his career. He hasn’t gotten back to anything interesting like that. Only time he got close was Reign Over Me. He’s admitted he only does movies now for the vacations and it’s pretty evident.

        1. I didn’t much care for that film. To me I look to him for mindless humor. If I want intelligent humor I look to other people. I couldn’t stand Punch-Drunk.

          1. Really? You can’t stand Punch Drunk Love? I’m interested to hear why that is.

          2. I guess I look to Sandler for more stupid comedies like he did in the 90’s. Not necessarily the current lineup either (Which 90% of these are bad writing, fun but not good films). I agree he is great in his serious roles but I prefer him in his classic realm. Nothing against the film itself I just consume Sandler with the nostalgia glasses and that’s what I see. Have I still watched all of his films despite not being the 90’s anymore, yes. I guess can’t stand was a little harsh. I should have said not my preferred tastes in terms of the Actor.

          3. That I can get. I feel the same about Jim Carey. I don’t dislike his serious stuff but I prefer his comedic side.

  4. Can we please get over the Neanderthal belief that changing the race, gender, or sexual origin of someone is being PC. Are we still in 90s? It shows a complete ignorance to what the term PC even means, and only makes you look like a close-minded fool. The majority of comic books biggest heroes were created pre-Civil Rights era, and well before homosexuality could be hinted without people holding protests in disgust. So yea on occasion to get comics caught up you many need to change a few things.

    I can say as someone growing up not having any superheroes that looked like me, acted
    like me, came from where I came from, or shared a background that was anything like mine was disheartening. It makes you feel like something is wrong with you. So now that we are starting to include those that were once ignored now its political correctness? It’s not political correctness, its reality correctness. Those that have an issue with it tend to be those who never knew what it’s like to be on other side. I just don’t know why I should feel bad about wanting to have major superheroes that I can relate to.

    Did you also scream when The Prince of Persia is played by very Caucasian Jake Gyllenhaal, or when the lead of Avatar: The Last Airbender is played by some white kid, or when Goku is? Let’s not get it twisted. There are many more occasions of minority characters being changed to Caucasian than the other way around.

    1. I wasn’t suggesting they not change things, I was saying don’t re-write the character completely with all new gender, race, etc but do the new Captain America method and having Falcon taking over and Steve Rogers losing the serum. That I can get behind but the Thor thing bothers me. At least say there is a death or era limit that the hammer re-chose. I just don’t like a sudden re-write. The passing to a new person in the role I am fine with being whatever. Not close minded, I just want a legit reason to change them.

      I wasn’t suggesting you (and I don’t know your situation) shouldn’t have anyone to look up to. I don’t relate with any of my favorites either but I like the characters. So to me there was a visual and plot driven reason for me to enjoy the character. So yeah I see when they change a character without a reason like I mentioned in the Falcon turned Captain America method, I see that as Political Correctness. It’s the attitude or policy of being
      careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society who are
      believed to have a disadvantage. They’re afraid they will offend and not sell more books so the logical thing to do is to change everything.

      Not saying that’s a bad thing at all. I just don’t want 1st Tier characters mutated into something that isn’t close to who or what they were originally. A passing of the torch I am fine with.

      To be honest I tried watching all those films and they just didn’t seem to be the right fit to me on any of it. It looked like a cheesed out typical Hollywood film trying to adapt something into what they weren’t. So yeah I didn’t like them and thought what I did see was terrible not only visually but in the writing as well.

      1. After writing that I realized that Talking In Circles basically talked about this issue as well in Episode 28:

        Where you posted the same thing. And like Chuck, I agree basically with his statement. It gets this negative connotation from people like me because they make it a big deal to be PC. Not to do it and gloss over it and well basically what he said.

        Sorry if you’re offended and I did put that in the description. Not saying you’re wrong but I don’t thing it should be a thing to do, to just cash in and do it.

      2. So I assume you read the story of Thor and know why the character is changing then? You seem so certain the character was changed without a reason? So you read or are knowledgeable of the story.

        Can you even give an example when a character was changed for no reason? You make these claims yet don’t back it up with any legitimate examples.

        Again how is including more diversity a bad thing. Besides saying it’s being PC. Fine say it is PC what’s wrong with it exactly? All you are saying is its PC it’s PC. And stopping there. Is that because the real reason is you could not stand routing for a character with a dark completion.

        Can you name a character that is so defined by their whiteness that changing their race would really change them that much.

        You are so willing to say what they should not do tell me what they should do. How do you add more diversity without being too “PC” or is there no possible way.We should keep things like they are.

        1. I did read it and while I missed the bit that the previous was still around and she’s new. It still harkens to the same thing overall. The nice part of comics is, there will be times when one can dislike the direction and story. There can be times when people love them. It just means there will be a few years of this before they go back with a new writing team to what people know now. It may take 2-10 years but they always go back. Look at Spider-Ock, they had him assume Spiderman for 2 years and now he’s back. It won’t last anyhow.

          The only reason the Lady Thor was a big deal was that “The View” said the info first.

          I acknowledge and bow to diversity, I just think at a time when comics are having so much attention mostly for the films, they are pulling out all the stops to adhere to all areas of the spectrum to gain as much viewers as they can. Which it’s succeeding for now.

          I am not getting into a racial battle with you over characters that do not exist. If they did that’d be one thing. What did they do to avoid making Batman or Spiderman black? Make new ones that were parallel to the original ongoings. Batman’s just is called Batwing. Again not arguing race. I loved Falcon and think he does look cool as Cap America. I loved the change of Nick Fury to a black man compared to his white counterpart. So race doesn’t impact for me. I just dislike the big ones like Batman/Superman/Spidey/Cap/etc being changed and especially all at once to seemingly accommodate.

          And evidence you also lack kind sir. You’ve been throwing just as many comments at me with no understanding of what I said in the show. It’s my personal opinion. You obviously have yours, you don’t have to agree with me. I feel it’s being PC with the amount of changes happening at the same time, not that it IS happening. I am not racist or sexist in the slightest. I love the characters and diversity of the ones we already have that more often than not never see the light of day beyond a cosmic world shattering storyline across the multiverses. I just also love the ones I am acclimated to already.

          Go back and re-read chuck’s comment on that previous Talking in Circles. He has the point 100% there, which you agreed with.

          I think fine let them run with this for now and see what happens, kudos to them for thinking different. But when it changes, they will go back like they do with every impacting story and death to what once was. It’s comics after all, nothing is permanent.

          1. What’s funny is, the whole “real” reason Marvel was making Falson into Cap and having the new Thor be a female was due to a legal dispute with the Kirby estate. That’s been settled now so expect to see Rogers back as Cap and Thor as a male again. It wasn’t about being PC or marketing to a different demo, it was about skirting a lawsuit, lol.

          2. Well that’s not true either. If it is why weren’t The X-Men, Incredible Hulk, or Iron Man changed because they were part of the lawsuit too. And changing them now would not save them from litigation and the real money the family was got after was from the movie profits. And even if that is the real reason why is it bad to change them to minorities. Which is the real issue here.

          3. Personally, I like Falcon stepping in for Cap. I don’t understand why it was news though (I mean I GET why, I just wish the world didn’t consider it news). Same for the female Thor. Totally fine with it. I also like Mile Morales as Spider-Man. What bothers me about the changes is that it’s covered as news, it saddens me that a characters gender race or sexual preferences are considered news still.

          4. Exactly. Why should we define a character by their race. Haven’t we moved passed that. It saddens me that we haven’t. If you want to change the character fine. Don’t look at me for a pat on the back cause I don’t care who Captain America is if the story is not good. That’s what I care about.

          5. My issue is how Marvel handled the entire thing. Like some big showcase where they should gain progressive points because now Captain America is Black and Thor is woman. Sorry but appointing token characters doesn’t make me feel included or happy I have someone to relate too. It makes me feel cheap like I am so gullible and closed minded that I will buy your comic cause we share the same race or gender. Marvel isn’t doing it to be PC they are doing it for publicity and to gain revenue. Which is a million times worse.

          6. Is that Marvel or is that the media. Marvel can’t control what stories the media creates

          7. Marvel leaked it to the media so between the two they have made it bad. The media is what makes things have to be PC. That is the point of it all.

          8. You are being so blind to your original point and question that you are not even reading what people are saying anymore. No one was taking or agreeing with the side you are arguing against. You are arguing against people that don’t exist, things that weren’t said, and opinions that never existed in this episode or in the comments…

          9. Give me one example of what I said that was not relevant to what was being discussed.

          10. You keep bringing it back to being a race or gender issue when it is more than that we are discussing. It has nothing really to do with that. I just don’t feel like discussing it anymore being the point’s been repeated numerous times by myself and Talking in Circles and the various fans here,

          11. So you have no issue with Falcon changing but it’s the Thor change that makes it worse because it’s all this change at once. Okay I can get that to a point but has Marvel not always changed that way. They always do be moves like this where multiple huge changes occur. So does that not shoe that this isn’t Marvel being PC but acting like they always do. Now there is just a bigger plus side too it.

          12. No it’s all of them at once. Not arguing anymore on the subject. The episode is over and I’m done discussing it now that it is over.

  5. I hope with the Sandler deal with Netflix we get a sequel to Grandma’s Boy. I find that very underrated. Or some sketch shows or something like that. I would get excited to see a return of old Adam Sandler and not what we got in the last few years.

    1. I know Joe Dirt 2 is happening but it’s on Crackle not Netflix. Grandma’s Boy was great. It was more normal life in some regards to how it played out. Loved the characters. I think he is starting to return to some of his old stuff. Would love Bill Madison or Happy Gilmore 2 lol.

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